Monday, April 24, 2017

Sonny Boy joins SouthShore Super-Heros!

Puppy Pickup - Sonny
April 22, 2017

Sonny Boy started his "Boarding School" journey on Saturday!

MJ said, "I think he fell in love with Lisa the moment he saw her 😊"

We all look forward to getting to meet this adorable new addition to the SouthShore Super-Hero family!

Welcome, Sonny Boy!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sherwin Signs Into College

Sherwin is ready for Freshman Orientation, only if Dad is going
April 22, 2017

On June 24th, 2016 Sherwin started "boarding school" with his raiser family.

At his first Super-Hero raiser meeting Sherwin showed that he was quite the little charmer

Sherwin showed that even though he might be a charmer he was also ready to learn and work while demonstrating his newly learned commands and skills.

Sherwin waits for for the next command on an obedience course

Sherwin practices his "stay"

Sherwin takes time to listen to the announcements and new commands being demonstrated 

Sherwin takes time to explore the pool

Sherwin works to determine if this taxidermy is safe.

Sherwin is quite the charmer 

Sherwin shows off his halloween costume

Sherwin worked and worked the stairs at the Tampa Convention center

There is nothing quite like a good ear rub to calm Sherwin while waiting and listening

Sherwin was able to learn the proper security protocol at the Tampa International Airport 

 Sherwin attended the SEGD Tampa Walkathon

 Sherwin walks the route with the other puppies at his last meeting

Guide Dog U day arrives too quickly!
Sherwin isn't really sure this is what he had read about in the brochure

Sherwin says his goodbyes before heading off the the boys dorm 

We look forward to hearing how Sherwin does in college and how he will be able to change someone's life.

Mercedes Matriculates

Mercedes Joins the Freshman Ranks!
April 22, 2017

Mercedes was picked up on May 27th, 2016 and began her "boarding school" journey within the SouthShore Super-Hero raiser group.

Mercedes works an obedience course 

Mercedes walks with one of her raiser family members

Mercedes takes time to pose for a picture

Mercedes considers whether she wants to get in the pool

Mercedes checks out some taxidermy

Mercedes works to ignore the large chew bone in the middle of the pet store isle.

Mercedes practices her "down under" on a Tampa Trolley

Mercedes experienced "Christmas Lane" with all the unique lights, sounds and smells. 

 Mercedes had the chance to try on a guide dog harness at her 1 year old evaluation

Mercedes went to the Tampa Airport with the Super-Hero group and learned the protocol for going through security.

Mercedes practices her elevator manners

Mercedes enjoys a down under in the shade at Sun City Fun Fest

Mercedes practices obedience with all the other puppies

At her last Super-Hero meeting, Mercedes took time to smile for the camera

The day for Mercedes to head off to Freshman Orientation arrives

Her dorm room even has a personalized sign ready for her.

Mercedes says her goodbye

Mercedes is full of energy and life and we look forward to hearing how she shares that life with someone else in the career she chooses.

Hunter Heads to College

Hunter's Freshman Orientation
April 22, 2017

December 30th, 2016 marks the day that Hunter was picked up and joined the SouthShore Super-Hero Raiser group.

One of Hunter's first Super-Hero meetings was at the Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach.

Hunter loves the heel command and will jump into position, here he is shown mid-flight backing into place.

Hunter had a great opportunity to visit the Tampa International Airport. 
Here all the puppies lined up with the airport security escort

Hunter learns that body handling wasn't just a fun exercise at home but was great preparation for airport security pat down.

Hunter had a chance to go to an office building, ride the elevators and experience different environments. He thoroughly enjoyed the walk around the office building, outside and inside and wanted to keep walking.

Hunter joined the Southeastern Guide Dog Tampa Walkathon. Hunter made lots of friends.

Hunter enjoys a basketball game

The day arrives and Hunter leaves home and heads off to Freshman Orientation

Hunter says goodbye to his family for now.

We look forward to hearing how Hunter progresses through college and the difference he will make in someone's life.