Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Puppies investigate taxidermy critters

Puppy Raiser Meeting
August 16th, 2016
Shoot Straight in Tampa

The SouthShore Super Hero raisers met in Tampa at Shoot Straight.

Our SuperHeros had exposure to various strange animal silhouettes and smells from the taxidermy. 

Our puppies arrived and settled in while waiting for the group to gather.



Trekker at her first meeting





Group gathers for announcements

Bentley at his first meeting

Scout investigates the picture on the wall

After seeing Tate's hand in the mouth of the lion, Bentley wonders what trick will be next

Sara intently waiting for the bear to give a command

Scout is listening to Dad explain

Bentley wants to play with his new friend

Bentley doesn't know fear

Sherwin intently studying the Elk

Mercedes cautiously checks out the strange kitty

Sara exhibiting good social skills

Bentley chills with his new friend

Sherwin curious while exhibiting some caution

Joan isn't sure how to interpret the body language

 Another great meeting with awesome exposure for our SuperHeros.

Look forward to seeing everyone next meeting!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

New SuperHero in SouthShore - Trekker

Trekker goes to Boarding School!
August 13, 2016

Later on Saturday, after Freshman Orientation, Karl & Sharon picked up a new puppy, Trekker.

Looks like Blondes are taking over the SouthShore SuperHero Raiser group!

New SuperHero in SouthShore - Bentley

Bentley goes to Boarding School!
August 13, 2016

After Freshman Orientation on Saturday Tate picked up a new puppy, Bentley.

Kathleen is now a freshman

Kathleen Freshman Orientation
August 13, 2016

Kathleen was picked up and taken off to boarding school August 17th, 2015

First Rock photo

 Kathleen drying off after a water session in a kiddie pool

Kathleen working on her relaxation protocol

Kathleen loved her new coat 

If there is water involved Kathleen loves it 

Greeting some larger new friends

Kathleen keeping focus with all the distractions

Kathleen hasn't met a face she doesn't like 

Kathleen relaxes in the noisy mall while the SuperHero group gathers 

Unstable and bouncy surfaces are no problem for Kathleen 

Showing off some loose leash walking 

Kathleen relaxing by the pool side after showing her water skills at the SuperHero water safety meeting

Freshman orientation day is here!!

Kathleen will be rooming with her sister, Elsa

Kathleen poses with Mom and Tate in front of her sign

Time for saying goodbye 

Kathleen, we look forward to hearing about your progress and how you will impact lives!
Do good, Be good!

Elsa is ready for Freshman Orientation

Elsa Freshman Orientation
August 13, 2016

Elsa was selected for "boarding school" and picked up September 4, 2015

Elsa sporting her cape

Big day for Elsa getting her coat 

Elsa is very relaxed on a train 

Elsa working to understand what is being discussed 

Not too much is better than some breeze in the ears 

Elsa being patient while the handlers figure out the scavenger hunt

Elsa posing with Mom on the fire truck

Elsa demonstrating her "down under"

Competition brings out the best in all of us

Elsa chilling while Dad experiences a blind meal

Elsa is confident and has no hesitation on metal surfaces

Showing off some obedience skills

Elsa practicing an alternate "switch" command

The day has arrived for Freshman Orientation!

Elsa will be rooming with her sister, Kathleen

Elsa proud of her sign and family

The final presentation walk

Elsa is sensitive and knows something is up - saying goodbye

We will miss you Elsa and look forward to hearing what SuperHero career you choose!
Do good, Be good!