Sunday, October 16, 2016

Marlo joins the ranks of SuperHeros in training

Marlo is now in SuperHero boarding school
Oct 14th, 2016

Marlo's raiser is so happy to begin his SuperHero journey!

We all look forward to meeting Marlo and getting to know him.

Look at this face, he is full of energy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dusty SuperHeros in an empty building

SuperHeros (and Raisers) Meeting
Oct 1st, 2016

SuperHero raisers gathered with the puppies in an empty office area.

Objectives were to review obedience.

First we had puppies settling in and getting attention...

Scout enjoying belly rub

Our newest member, Wrigley 

Keebler checking in

Trekker just chillin' and trying to find things to do

Isabella wondering where are the snacks?

Each of our puppies worked the obedience course






Bentley was wishing he could be somewhere else

Mercedes has this and is looking for the next step

Sara is trying to be patient and wait

Keebler just being his cute self and ignoring all the other activity 

Mercedes got to work the course with another raiser

Bentley gets a pep talk 

Somebody was smelling the dusty floor 

Sherwin practicing a down/stay

Sara practicing with an applicant

Group wrap up and announcements

A couple cute photos of our newest member, Wrigley

Wrigley enjoyed the meeting and looks forward to seeing all the puppies and raisers next time!

A BIG Thank You to Ari and Dennis for taking the photos during the meeting! 

Another SuperHero on the SouthShore team - Wrigley!

Wrigley left the kennel and is now in boarding school!
Sept 30th, 2016

Wrigley's Puppy Raisers are so excited to take him home to continue his SuperHero journey.

We look forward to watching Wrigley grow up and choose his path!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Smart Puppies

Puppy Raiser Meeting
Sept 20th, 2016
Petsmart in Brandon

The SouthShore Super Hero raisers met in Brandon at Petsmart.

Our SuperHeros got to work on focusing with all the sight, sound and smell distractions.

All our puppies gathered next door to Petsmart in the old Sports Authority store. Our two youngest puppies were able to join us here but did not participate in the Petsmart activities.



Our puppies patiently waited while the raisers listened to announcements and updates on some of our Super Heros 




Trekker and Keebler went home after announcements while the older puppies went next door to Petsmart to practice and show off skills.

Sara demonstrating loose leash while ignoring the bacon flavored bone on the ground

Mercedes steals a glance but keeps walking

Isabella wasn't wanting to see her number from the scale

 Scout wonders why the ball is going underneath him?

Isabella is amazed at what a square does when the corners are removed

Mercedes is succesful in her challenge

Sherwin demonstrates loose leash while heading off to another challenge

Bentley is killing time with a stroll through the store

Scout wondering why that lady is waving a cat toy around

Though she likes the colors, Sara shows self control

Though we don't have photos... the birds and other small critters were quite curious of all the attention they got from our Super Heros

After our Super Heros completed their challenges the raisers gathered for a pop quiz on appropriate toys for our Super Heros 

Bentley was quite intrigued by some of the toys shown

Sara showing her great attentiveness

Sherwin loved the meeting and can't wait to see everyone next meeting!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

New SuperHero in SouthShore - Keebler

Keebler leaves for boarding school!
August 26, 2016

Our recent yellow streak continues with Keebler.

We look forward to meeting Keebler and seeing his personality.

The Keebler journey begins!