Saturday, March 25, 2017

Having Fun at Fun Fest

Sun City Fest
March 18, 2017

Our Super-Heros in training made an appearance at the SunCity Fest while learning to relax in an environment with large crowds.

Paddington chills between some "meet and greets".

Wrigley catches a dog nap while his handler engages in conversation.

Marlo enjoys some cool concrete in the shade.

Many people were stopping to ask questions at the tent.

Sherwin gets some 1:1 time with a trainer.

Keebler enjoys the Sun with Dad

Bentley shows off his skills for an applicant.

Mercedes enjoys some shade while in a "down under".

Keebler practices his "down under".

Bentley practices... ummm... what is this?

The group gathers for some time with a trainer 

The trainer worked with the raisers to help the puppies maintain engagement with their handler during a highly distractive environment.



Trekker watches others work with the trainer.

Bentley practices what is being taught by the trainer.

Paddington works to understand what his raiser is communicating.

Keebler keeps tuned in to what his handler is doing.

Trekker smiles while working to understand the new challenge.

Wrigley just relaxes while waiting his turn.

While watching and waiting Bentley manages to get a little love.

Marlo wants to know, "what is next"?

Marlo relaxes with some body handling after his time with the trainer.

It was a beautiful day at Sun City and a great exposure for our Super-Heros in training.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Under the cover of darkness...

Brandon Office Building
March 7, 2017

The SouthShore Super-Hero Raiser group met in Brandon.

We were able to practice commands in a dimly lit environment and also expose our puppies to elevators.

We all gathered for announcements and instructions for the evening.

Keebler checking-in during announcements

Hunter demonstrates a sit/stay in the heel position during announcements

Super-Heros practice their elevator skills




Super-Heros practice night loose leash walking


Wrigley practices down-under

Portraits of some of the Super-Heros






 Visiting with a new applicant and Bentley is showing the applicant the ropes on best behavior

Always time for some love...



Sherwin doesn't let anything get past him!

 Bentley working with a new applicant

Bentley says, "It can't be all work and no play!"

Taking time to visit after some obedience work

Look forward to seeing all our Super-Heros and Raisers next meeting!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Isabella went off to college too

Southeastern Guide Dog Freshman Orientation
Feb 25th, 2017

Isabella left "boarding school" and has headed off to college to begin her formal training.

Isabella started her boarding school stage on April 28th, 2016.

 Isabella learned the joys of playing in water at the pool safety meeting

 Isabella worked with applicants at the halloween meeting

Super-Hero raisers met at the Tampa Convention Center where raisers and puppies were mixed up. Here Isabella had the chance to work long stairs.

Isabella takes a moment to rest with Mom at Christmas Lane

Isabella wasn't so sure that she should be pressing her paw into the white goo

At the Manatee Viewing Center meeting Isabella had the opportunity to try on a guide dog harness and was quite happy to show that it didn't bother her.

Isabella's last raiser meeting was at the Tampa Airport where she learned the protocol for going through TSA

The final day of boarding school and the first day of college arrived too soon.

Isabella said her goodbyes to Mom and Dad

We look forward to reports on Isabella's progress and the career she chooses.
Good luck Isabella!