Monday, November 21, 2016

Scouting out the Nov Freshman class

Scout goes to Freshman Orientation
Nov 19th, 2016

Scout was picked up Feb 15th, 2015 to head off to boarding school

Scout relaxing at Bass Pro Shops

 Scout investigating a firefighter 

Scout demonstrates his down under command

Scout showing he can follow commands when his handler cannot see

Practicing obedience in front of an audience

Scout checking in for his next command

Scout shows how to "switch" at a door

Hmmm, should I jump in?

Scout deciding if the wall murals are ok

Scout working on ignoring fun distractions

Scout pauses during a training session to wait for his next command

Scout on a stroll after some obstacle course work

Showing proper protocol prior to boarding a trolley

His last puppy raiser meeting - looking for some love

The big day has arrived! Freshman Orientation

We will miss you Scout!

Proud of you and looking forward to hearing updates about your progress and the career path you choose.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

An Evening at Mirabay

SouthShore Super Heros descend upon Mirabay
Nov 15, 2016

The SouthShore SuperHero raisers gathered at the Mirabay club house for instructions for the evening. 

This was the first meeting for Toggle

Our puppies practiced walking in the dark

This was Scout's last meeting before his Freshman Orientation (In For Training)

Wrigley is growing up fast

Bentley wanting to know if there is a treat at the end of the walkway

Marlo practicing his Sit

Sara checking in (with a smile)

Joan likes to be in first place

Keebler showing off a loose leash

This is the floating dock that the puppies had the opportunity to experience. No pictures of puppies from here (except for Bentley practicing his Down Under in this pic).

Trekker showing her mastery of the Heel command

Scout checks in for his next command

Sara is getting some love

It is a sad day, Scout's last meeting

Our Regional Manager from SEGD demonstrating loose leash techniques with Bentley

As part of Scout's farewell, each of the puppies received a "pupcake". This was the VERY brief moment before Sherwin made his pupcake disappear.

Joan polishes off her pupcake

Marlo looks for any crumbs from his pupcake

Scout looks for some love

After the puppies had their pupcakes all the handlers then had a chance to enjoy some wonderful cupcakes .

It was another great meeting with lots of good exposures for our pups and time to socialize  with others who are investing their time and love into this cause.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Puppy Trolley

SouthShore SuperHeros in Downtown Tampa
Nov 5, 2016

The SuperHero Raiser group met in downtown Tampa at the Tampa Convention Center

Joan enjoying the sunshine and soft breeze with Mom and Dad 

Keebler waiting to start practicing his obedience

Trekker chillin' while enjoying the breeze

Scout found some shade to keep cool

Wrigley soaking up some rays and some love

Bentley enjoys a refreshing drink of water

After gathering for announcements, the puppies were reassigned to different raisers for the purpose of practicing the stair commands

Scout returns after working the long set of stairs

Sherwin takes a break after practicing multiple sets of stairs

Isabella shows her command of descending stairs

After practicing the stairs the puppies were given back to their raisers and then boarded the OMG Trolley

Scout politely pauses and sits before entering the trolley

Joan is ready to board!

Trekker conquered her fear and boarded the trolley!

The puppies were able to practice getting on and off the trolley a couple times

Wrigley is ready for a break after practicing stairs and "down under" on the trolley

Mercedes practices the "down under" command

The group stopped at the Tampa Theatre

Today was Sara's 1 year birthday!

Another great SuperHero Raiser meeting - the puppies seemed to be a little tired and ready for some Saturday afternoon naps!

Look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting at Mirabay!