Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Paddington paws are in SouthShore

Paddington joins SouthShore Super-Hero group
Jan 3, 2017

Paddington was picked up from SEGD today and is very excited to be going to "boarding school".

We are excited to learn more about Paddington and be part of his Super-Hero journey!

Hunter has joined the SouthShore Super-Hero Group

Hunter joins SouthShore Super-Hero group
Dec 30, 2016

Just in time to celebrate the new year, Hunter was picked up on Dec 30th and will be "finished" in the SouthShore Super-Hero group.

Hunter wants to know if the seat will move back to provide more room?

We look forward to meeting Hunter and following him on his journey!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sun City is a little brighter with SuperHeros

Sun City Center
Dec 14th, 2016

The SouthShore SuperHero Raiser group met in Sun City Center for the last meeting of 2016.

Marlo practicing down while watching other puppies

Sara shows off a "sit under" while waiting for the meeting to start

Toggle stretches out to relax before the meeting

Mercedes and Wrigley practicing "down under"

MJ opens the meeting and reviews announcements and Brian shares updates from the trainers for our SuperHeros who are in various stages of their training

Our SuperHeros all got to make paw imprint Christmas decorations.

Wrigley making an impression

Isabella trying to understand why that stuff is squishy

Sherwin leaves a nice impression

The activity continues

Marlo requires some tag team work to leave his impression

Bentley wants to get started on his impression

Marlo demonstrates some obedience

Joan chills after all the craft activity

Trekker shows off some Christmas spirit!

Wrigley is trying to get used to the "big eye" (camera) looking at him

Sherwin is enjoying an ear massage

After all the discussions...
Treat time for all the puppies!

Sherwin practicing impulse control with his treat

Marlo finishes up his treat as we complete another raiser meeting

Happy New Year to everyone!
We look forward to another great puppy raising year in 2017!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Super Heros at Christmas Lane

Christmas Lane Lights
Dec 3, 2016

The Southshore Super Hero Raiser group met at the Christmas Lane light exhibit in Plant City. Puppies had a chance to experience different lights, odd silhouettes, sounds, smells, movements, and crowds while working on appropriate public behavior and the ever present dog distraction at our meetings.

Toggle waiting for permission to go inside to see the sights

The group gathered inside for a few announcements and orientation before spending the rest of the evening with the puppies enjoying the lights.

Isabella listening to the announcements

Mercedes shows she knows her down under, even on a sleigh

Not to be outdone, Trekker showing off her down under too!

Bentley is excited to check out the sights

Sara patiently waits while our awesome AC and her husband pose for a picture

Bentley ... ummm? I know this isn't a cushy couch but...

Isabella relaxes while raisers chat

Toggle enjoying the evening with her raiser

Sherwin spies something interesting

Wrigley asking if he can check out the candy canes

Sara checking in with her handler

Joan relaxing

Keebler waiting for his next command

Toggle is so eager to please

Wrigley takes time for some fun


Marlo takes a stroll down Christmas Lane

Isabella finds a quiet corner and practices her down under

Keebler ignores the strange characters and checks in for his next command

Marlo, Bentley and Isabella practicing all 3 Ds simultaneously

Bentley considering changing his breed identity

Mercedes poses with her raiser families

Toggle (doesn't want to look at Mr and Mrs Claus)

Joan (doesn't want to look at Mr and Mrs Claus)

Bentley (doesn't want to look at Mr and Mrs Claus)

Maybe Mr and Mrs Claus need to have puppy treats in their pockets!

Mr and Mrs Claus pose with the Super Hero group

Another great meeting. It was great to have time for the raisers to be able to socialize and share puppy stories.