Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sara goes off to college

Southeastern Guide Dog Freshman Orientation
Feb 25th, 2017

Sara has started the next phase in her Super-Hero journey, leaving her raiser home and going off to college.

The past year with Sara has flown by as she has wiggled her way into our hearts.

13 months ago, Sara was a fuzzy little puppy just waiting to go home.

Sara's sister at home quickly adjusted to the newest member in the house.

One of Sara's first Super-Hero raiser meetings was a farm. Sara was taking in all the new sights and smells.

At a puppy play date, Sara got to try out a Super-Hero capability.

Sara adapted to the strange mask and outfit of a firefighter

Sara joined in all sorts of fun and games at the raiser meetings.

Sara did great at the large Bass Pro Shops store - it seems that maybe she had some prior experience there...

Sara showing off her obedience skills 

Sara learns the "switch" command

Sara deciding if she wanted to join in the pool fun at a pool safety meeting

Curious, Sara checks out the taxidermy

Sara joined in the costume fun!

Sara celebrated her 1yr birthday at a raiser meeting and brought treats to share with all her friends!

Dark or light outside, Sara likes to take a walk

Sara enjoying some Christmas decorations

Sara had the opportunity to show her comfort with wearing a guide dog harness

Sara's last raiser meeting was at the Tampa Airport where she had the chance to practice going through TSA.

The day for Sara to go off to college has arrived

Sara says her "good byes for now"

Sara, we look forward every month to hearing reports of your Super-Hero progress, knowing you have the potential to bring dignity and freedom to someone's life.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Puppy Parade at TPA

Tampa International Airport
Feb 21, 2017

SouthShore Super-Heros gathered at the Tampa International Airport and their raisers tagged along.

We all gathered for announcements and learned that one of our Super-Hero puppies, Kathleen, has been matched as a guide dog - congratulations to Kathleen!

After announcements, TSA explained the process for taking a guide dog through security.

After our TSA orientation all our Super-Heros rode the shuttle from the main terminal to a concourse. After disembarking from the shuttle we stepped aside to let airport passengers go to security.

Our Super-Heros all excited and lined up to get a chance to practice the proper protocol for going through TSA.

Sara started off doing a sit stay and waited for the command to go through the detector.

Sherwin shows off his sit stay while waiting for Dad to pass through first.

Isabella receives her first TSA pat down search.

Keebler waits while Dad gets a pat down.

Bentley takes his turn going through the detector.

Wrigley is so excited to show off his skills.

Hunter casually looks around while being patted down. 

Sara wants to know if Mom is going to fly?

Marlo gets a chance to show he can do this too.

Marlo wonders if he is missing out on something?

Mercedes is happy to go through the detector.

Isabella chills out while waiting for Dad to be patted down.

Bentley closely monitors the pat down.

Wrigley tried to sneak in a little belly rub after his pat down.

Keebler shows Mom that he can do this! 

Trekker is happy to help Dad go through security 

Mercedes is getting used to this and keeps focus while getting her pat down.

This was our last meeting with 2 Super-Heros in our group as they will be heading off to "Freshman Orientation" later this week:


We all gathered in the main terminal for a group shot with our hosts from Tampa International Airport marketing department

Another great meeting! This was a great opportunity for our puppies to be exposed to a new environment and we appreciate the hospitality from Tampa International Airport.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Puppy Viewing Center (aka - the Manatee Viewing Center)

Manatee Viewing Center
Feb 4, 2017

The SouthShore Superhero Raiser group met at the Manatee Viewing Center in Apollo Beach. 

Stephanie, the SouthShore Regional Manager, visited with her puppy, Bud.

Peyton visited our group this week

Bentley shows some concern about the attention that Bud is receiving

Hunter enjoying a good ear scratch while waiting for the meeting to begin

 After announcements the puppies were divided into 3 groups. Trekker is heading off to her meeting location

Bentley is trying to read signs

One of the groups was for 3 of the older puppies to have their 12 month video observation showing their progress and responses to differing stimuli.

Isabella gets the opportunity to try wearing a harness

Isabella shows that she can keep walking with a dog distraction

Sara showing she is ready for a harness

 Sara has a quick sniff to see if she knows that noisy dancing turkey 

Mercedes is all grins with the harness on

Mercedes does her best walking down the stairs, looking good for the video

Mercedes isn't concerned about the spinning umbrella but is very curious to see who is hiding behind it

Keebler taking some time to relax while showing off his dapper look with the bowtie

Trekker has no concern about the concrete manatee mailman and poses for a pic with Dad

Sherwin enjoying some shade

Paddington isn't too interested in looking for Manatees, but is happy to sit and wait

Wrigley is just chillin', taking in the smells

Bentley worked the stairs, stairs and more stairs

Bud contemplates the stairs

Sara enjoys a stroll

Hunter wants to know if it is time to leave or if there is more to see?

The next meeting with be at the Tampa International Airport! Our older pups will have the chance to experience the airport.